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The San Francisco Bay Area is rapidly growing and many new businesses are thriving. But one trademark type of establishment – the venerable antique shop, epitomized by the monthly Alameda Antique Fair – remains an undiminished staple of the area's commercial base. A lot of this has to do with the fact that, despite its recent boon in prosperity, The East Bay remains for many an idyllic “hipster” haven, frozen in time, preserving a sense of healthy nostalgia for eras when the simple life truly had style. In any case, iconic and memorable – and well worth saving from the dustbins of history.


Michelle Kelley, who for ten years was the store manager for Pauline's, a local institution, is in a unique position to expand upon the island's reputation as a reliable resource for retro collectibles. She is bringing both her 24 years of experience in the trade as well as her own vast vault of vintage valuables to open her very own store, together with her husband Michael, who was literally raised in the business of antique dealing. Collectively that's a lifetime's worth of experience, knowledge and acquisitions, all of which promise a shopping experience that is truly special, even among the similar shops already lining the island.


A Gilded Cage by M & M Antiques Collectibles and Unique Gifts.  Their vast inventory of merchandise features a wealth of jewelry in all varieties: Sterling, costume and gold plated.  They rotate their stock frequently to keep things fresh as far as antiques go that is, The store offers bountiful riches (in terms of rarity) for coin and token collectors, and for those that are a bit more reflective in their tastes, there is a treasure trove of both both signed and unsigned pieces of art glass and glassware on the shelves, ranging in origin from the Victorian era to modern times. Here, like a museum where you an actually take these amazing things home with you, you will marvel at the autographed art of Waterford, Libbey, Fenton, and Steuben. And for the retro-minded renovator, a variety of random household items and hard-to-find pieces provide a decorator's delight.


But wait, there's more!


Peruse for your eye-popping pleasure a plethora of porcelain and pottery from such scenic sites as Germany, Bavaria, Hungary, the USSR, England and even right here in America. Plus you can rifle through a spectacular selection of postcards, as well as sundry knick-knacks too numerous to designate here. For those desiring décor you won't find at local chain stores, you'll discover choice pieces of classic furniture, including wing back chairs, end tables, and dressers, along with elaborately designed china cabinets and what-not shelves. For your further enlightenment, latch onto one of many luminous lamps made from the 1930's to present day. Artistic types will be attracted to the astounding assortment of art work, including oils, pastels, mixed media, sketches, prints and lithographs, as well as stunning pieces colored by hand.


And this is just to start. More collectibles of every shape, size and style are in the pipeline. Much of their merchandise is being offered online.


Michelle Kelley knows all too well, it's always timely to be timeless.