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Paulines Antiques is closing for good after over 60 years in business in Alameda, CA


Pauline and her family would like to thank everyone for their patronage and friendship.
Alas all things must come to an end...but wait!
Pauline may be closing her store but she will still be selling at her usual spot at the Alameda Point Antique Show L-23 & L-24. The first Sunday of every month.



By Will Viharo


When someone wants to describe someone or something as having withstood the withering passage of time with grace, dignity, and elegance that only increases as the years pass, one often says the subject has “aged like fine wine.”


That old complimentary adage especially applies to Pauline’s Antiques, shuttering its iconic doors after more than six decades. Its 84 year old proprietor is equally legendary, and universally admired. It was her uniquely engaging personality, graciously welcoming customers of all ages and tastes, that really sold her products, which in of themselves were only part of the appeal.


These historically significant items embodying generations of sentiment and nostalgia were sold at bargain discounts. That savvy business strategy certainly takes some credit for this Alameda’s institution’s longevity, too.


Still, it’s the human factor that resonates most in the hearts and minds of the countless customers that have browsed those crowded shelves for so long. The true worth of vintage objects can be gauged more by individual sentimental association than by commercial market value.


Pauline understood both with keen perception.


It is with a heavy heart but perhaps some degree of mental relief that Pauline has come to this painful decision. Her storied career in the field of antiques has been one long labor of love.


For over sixty years Pauline has carved out her niche in the Antique world. She started out at the Alameda Penny Market, which was held over weekends at the old Alameda Drive-In theater as well as the PMA Antique Show. Pauline hosted estate sales along with appearing frequently on the Antique Show circuit around Northern California.


This epic emotional and economic journey had modest origins. Along with her late husband Bob, Pauline sat around their kitchen table with promoters planning out their business strategies when not leading expeditions through local basements and attics in search of cherished memories in the form of buried treasures.


The community’s sustained appreciation of her “research and recovery” team’s tireless efforts has made this trip more than worthwhile, but all good things come to an end, even if their spirit lingers on, whether it’s in the form of a collectible toy or a fond recollection.


Pauline has one simple but heartfelt final farewell message for her legions of fans and patrons around the island and beyond: ”Thank you to everyone for your friendship, support, patronage and all of the wonderful memories we have made together over the years.”